About me

60E99CA4-0CC5-457D-87DF-3ED78DD6F81CMy name is John Squires. I live in Canberra, the national capital of Australia. I have been an active participant in the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) since it was formed in 1977, and was ordained as a Minister of the Word in this church in 1980.

I have served in rural, regional, and urban congregations and as a Presbytery resource minister. For two decades I taught Biblical Studies at United Theological College in Sydney, and more recently I was Director of Education and Formation and Principal of the Perth Theological Hall. I have served as an Intentional Interim Minister and as the Presbytery Minister–Wellbeing in the Canberra Region Presbytery. I am now retired from stipended ministry service, but I continue to work part-time as Editor of With Love to the Worlda resource to support daily Bible reading and prayer.

I am married to Elizabeth Raine, who is also a Uniting Church Minister. Together, we share interests in scripture, theology, the environment, music, social justice, gardening, and family history.

I’ve studied the scriptures in depth; I hold a number of degrees, including a PhD in early Christian literature. I am committed to providing the best opportunities for education within the church, so that people can hold to an informed faith, which is how the UCA Basis of Union describes it. This blog is one contribution to that ongoing task.

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