2 thoughts on “The Good Samaritan: a story told in Samaria? (Luke 10; Pentecost 5C)”

  1. Dear John, Thank you for your teachings about the historical/geographical context of the parable of the Good Samaritan. This higlighted the way so many of the stories and actions of Jesus, very subtly but very pointedly, for those who could ‘hear’, put in a real controversial ‘bite’. I think you additions of the other times when Jesus ‘commended’ the behaviour of other Samaritans, is very inpoprtant and quite telling. No wonder that, on some occassions, even the ordinary people hated him. Thank you.

    I was not as impressed with your comments and Old Testament references regarding Jesus’ teachings about loving your enemies, loving the poor and also about forgiveness. I take a long time, these days, to make responses to theological issues, but I will post it to you when I have hopefully completed it.

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