3 thoughts on “Why Jesus never did, and never would, ride a horse! (for Palm Sunday, Lent 6)”

  1. BOZJI BLAGOSLOV sekica hvala na istinito svjedocanstvo jako lipo opisala .”THE MORE YOU HONOR ME, THE MORE I WILL BLESS YOU!” – The Infant Jesus of Prague https://pic.twitter.com/nkROI8FlEQ
    Replying to @nicky_zwan
    The victory is mine,
    the victory is mine,
    Thru Jesus my Lord,
    obeying His word;
    He conquers the foe,
    wherever I go,
    I’m living with Him,
    In holy accord.
    Victory, victory is mine,
    If I hold my peace,
    let the Lord fight my battles;

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