Prayers of the People for Pentecost 22C

Prayers of the People led by Cathy Rossiter at Tuggeranong Uniting Church on Sunday 6 November, during a service celebrating All Saints’ Day and reflecting on Halloween (All Hallow’s Eve)

At this time of much international and domestic uncertainty, of inequality and of hunger, let’s bring our prayers and thoughts for others before almighty God.

We ask you to be with us, O Lord, as we contemplate what it means to live out our faith in a world which seems more selfish and uncaring than ever before. Help us to stand up for what is right, just and compassionate.  Help us to meet people wherever they are at and not to be judgemental or self-righteous.  Help us to be generous with our time, our friendship and our finances.

We know that there are many troubling issues where the voice of compassion and justice needs to be raised.  We pray for those who influence the ways we act and think through their roles in the media, and we ask that those who are elected to represent us in our parliaments are always mindful of their responsibilities towards all Australians.  

We think of the many people whose lives and livelihoods have been turned upside down by extreme weather events, both here in Australia and elsewhere in the world.  As we come to grips with the dangers posed by the changing climate, help us to reassess our lives and the contributions that we make to the global situation.

O God, as the world contemplates the prospect of many more such catastrophes, and the destruction of more and more habitat, we ask that the coming meeting of nations in Egypt will move closer to serious commitments to drastically reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  As people of faith, we care for the world you have given us and we bring you our concerns for those who are least able to protect themselves from the ravages of extreme weather events.

As the evidence of ongoing cruelty and discrimination around the world continues to mount, we pray that the voices of calm and of wisdom will be heard in many places. We think especially of Myanmar, of North Korea, of China, of Ethiopia and of Iran.

We pray especially for the people of Ukraine and the people of Russia.  We pray for those who are afraid, for those who have lost loved ones, for those who choose war and for those who seek peace.   May the search for peace prevail.

In our own Canberra community, there are many who suffer from the indignities of poverty and discrimination, from long-term health problems, and from violence in their own families.  We ask that you will uphold them, give them strength and surround them with care and love.  

All these things we ask in the name of Jesus, who taught us how to live and to love, and to pray …

Ou Father in heaven, hallowed be your name … … …


The sermon for the day is at

Author: John T Squires

My name is John Squires. I live in the Australian Capital Territory. I have been an active participant in the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) since it was formed in 1977, and was ordained as a Minister of the Word in this church in 1980. I have served in rural, regional, and urban congregations and as a Presbytery Resource Minister and Intentional Interim Minister. For two decades I taught Biblical Studies at a theological college and most recently I was Director of Education and Formation and Principal of the Perth Theological Hall. I've studied the scriptures in depth; I hold a number of degrees, including a PhD in early Christian literature. I am committed to providing the best opportunities for education within the church, so that people can hold to an informed faith, which is how the UCA Basis of Union describes it. This blog is one contribution to that ongoing task.

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